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Elixir - The next big language for the web http://www.creativedeletion.com/2015/04/19/elixir_next_language.html



One of them is Twitter. In 2009 Twitter had been experiencing a tremendous growth of users and traffic. They decided to change core parts of their infrastructure from Ruby to Scala. The way Scala handles concurrency made it easier for Twitter to handle the growth.

Erlang is also popular for game servers. Millions of users play multiplayer games with game server infrastructure handled by Erlang for titles such as Call of Duty and Game of War.


But those areas are all addressed in Elixir. Elixir creator José Valim said: “I liked everything I saw in Erlang, but I hated the things that I didn’t see”. Elixir has its own package management system, macros, an easy to use build tool and unicode handling.

Elixirをさわりはじめて感じたのは、確かに美しいコードを書くことができて、 並列性など用途によってはとても利になる長所をもっていると思う。

一方で、仕様変更・アップデートが頻繁に起こるような場合には向かないとも聞く。 どうやったらうまくいくのだろうか、考えてみているけれど、 今のところ答えは見つけられていない気がする。